Kick the Cubicle Lifestyle

The Story Behind Kick the Cubicle

The story behind start this blog – Kick the Cubicle was simple – To write about my own journey about how I broke out of 9-5 cubicle lifestyle and discovered my passion. For me, Kick the Cubicle is a philosophy that is epitome of levels of success one can achieve with dedication, perseverance, and attitude.

While I was in 9-5 job back in 2014, I was already working as a freelance web developer, content writer, and had a few side gigs. I used to write for a few international technical journals that used to pay me a few thousand dollars for each article. Money was awesome and loved to write – A perfect combination of passion meeting money. 

10 years in job and I had already saved enough salary to last for 5 yrs without a job

I had a few satellite skills that helped me earn more via side gigs

I developed multiple passive income streams through content writing, investing, and affiliate marketing

I was 30 and I already had experienced 2 failed entrepreneurship attempts in 2007 & 2013 – A food delivery website built to deliver food from nearby restaurants & a stock broking company that I started with a friend.

I had a few websites that were not doing great, but doing enough to pay petty bills – House rent, electricity etc.

In 2007-2008 when IPL started I started one the first online IPL contest and idea was an instant hit. One fine day, BCCI sued me. ReasonMy website was ranking ABOVE BCCI’s official IPL website. I had done amazing SEO for the website and I was duly served. I had to take website down. At peak, I had about 2 lac. daily visitors on the website.

In 2015, I completely changed my career direction and got into niche functional consulting role. I got to travel across UK & Europe and eventually I stopped working for Indian IT companies. By then, I had saved enough for me to completely retire from my 9-5 job. A few decade old investments in equities started generating decent money in dividends and I was 100% debt free.

Throughout this time I had a rule that I lived by – I will not buy a home on EMI that will push me into corner for the rest 20 years of my life. I was happy to live in a rented apartment, move when wanted, and enjoy the freedom.

I never compromised on investing, I never compromised on health, and I never compromised on personal & social relations. All this I could do only because I was debt free & had decent savings.

Kick the Cubicle is about sharing the workings of my freedom and journey that helped me uplift my life, not only monetarily, but also mentally & physically.

What to expect from Kick the Cubicle?

I do not believe in retiring young. Retire young a useless notion. Let us say you saved enough when you are 40, and you retire. Then what next? When people say that they want to retire young, they only mean that they hate the job/business they do.

Important is to discover your passion, support it with skills & execution so that you will never have to retire young.

At Kick the Cubicle, I will try to share a few ideas to generate passive income in India. I also intend to cover a few topics on how one can discover one’s passion without needing to retire. I will also publish a few life lessons that will teach one that money is important, but so is nature, pets, people, food, and everything else. Finally, I also intend to cover a few success stories of people who have kicked the 9-5 cubicle lifestyle without retiring.