How I made over $25000 by part-time writing

Putting my technical writing skills & expertise to better use have helped me build a massive passive income stream.

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Ameya Pimpalgaonkar

Ameya is an SAP Consultant by profession with over 14 years of experience. Through out career he has put his SAP skills to better use by writing technical articles that are published by renowned SAPInsider & SAP Experts journals, published by Wellesley Information Services.

Massive Passive Income

Everyone is born with talents, skills, and gifts. Some can sing well, while some can play well. I write well. While working in a full-time job, learning on the project, I acquired a few technical expertise that I put to better work. I learned professional article writing and what started was an avalanche of massive passive income!

Over last 14 years, I have authored numerous technical articles for various journals. The author fee that I earned was almost 2-3x of my monthly salary back then.

Having access to monies at right time has magical powers that leads to freedom of choice.

What is the book about?

A structured way to write world-class technical articles

To ensure your articles are accepted by global journals you need one basic thing - a well structured article. Such article establishes your credibility early on that leads to more opportunities.

The 5-Step process

1. Preparation
2. Set-up
3. Research
4. Conceptualize
5. Conclude

Learn the importance of feedback

Key to learning professional article writing is seeking feedback at the right time from right people. Missing out on this is a sure-shot key to failure.

Research Process - Key to Acceptance

Research is a crux, heart of your article. A half baked cake is worth a trash, similarly, half researched article means a sure rejection