Passion to Paycheck

Having a job is a good start to have cash flows, but having passion is something else.

How many of you work in some domain but have passion elsewhere?

What if I tell you now there is a predefined process, a methodological structure that you can use and replace what I have achieved? And the best – these methods are designed to work in India.

Before that, a little intro about me –

My name is Ameya Pimpalgaonkar and I run the Passion to Paycheck series. I live and work a full-time job in Europe, yet, I have 6 additional sources of passive income that I can tap anytime, any day.

Now, is not the time to reveal more on this – you will get deeper look when you join Passion to Paycheck session and become a member.

What is Passion to paycheck series?

A job is not scalable source of income. Passion is endlessly scalable. If you tap your passion and learn to monetize it, you open door to endless possibilities, freedom and a great life.

It is not easy!

Many online gurus and digital marketing experts try to sell their program by showing how they made millions of dollars, but nobody tells us how do I start? Will these methods work in India?

India is richly diverse & dynamic country. So we better don’t believe those western world gurus to tell us how to generate passive sources of income.

It is not impossible either!

Monetizing your passion need efforts. It is difficult, takes time, but it is not impossible.

I combined my passion of teaching & stock markets to launch a mentoring program for new investors and monetized my passion. Till date, I have conducted more than 5 batches of this program and I continue to monetize this platform.

I gave away membership for free provided members trade through my affiliate partner – Steady passive income source!

Passive Income Affiliate Trading

My love for writing lead me to become one of the regular contributing author for SAP Experts with more than 25 articles paid published so far.

Writing freelance passive income

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Enough said! How do I start?

First Step – register for our free webinar on Passion to Paycheck series by clicking here

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